Did your Kelly Double Tour come with a small pouch?

  1. Hi there Hermes tPFers!

    A friend of mine bought a Kelly Double Tour last year and it came with a box and also a small orange pouch. Whereas I also got mine last year (mine is stamped I and his is stamped K) but it only came with the box and some small white paper wrapping and no pouch inside...so I was wondering if you guys got the pouch or not? I tried searching the forum for pictures of tPFers and their Kelly Double Tours, turns out only one of the pictures I was able to find had a black pouch and the rest had none. I know this is something small but I'm curious to whether it depends on the store (I got mine in Fukuoka, Japan) or maybe the SA forgot to put the pouch in the box? :confused1:

    Thanks for the help! :smile:
  2. Mine is K stamped and came wrapped with the white papers in the box. No pouch.
  3. It comes in box only I think?
  4. My Kelly Double Tour bracelet is K stamped -- I bought it in the spring of 07. It came with an orange box and a brown ultrasuede-ish drawstring pouch. HTH :flowers:
  5. Thanks Ms Piggy, Nola and Abbyroad!

    If you guys do not mind, can you tell me where you bought your Kelly Double Tour? I'm curious to whether it's a location thing.

    Thanks! ;)
  6. I bought mine last year in Hong Kong, and it came only with the box and White Paper. No pouch.

    I'm not surprised it is a location thing because different places that I buy my Cadenas/Charms actually gave me different types of boxes/packaging with them.
    Some gave me a pouch in a box and some gave me only the lined box, but with the indentation where the lock should rest.
  7. It depends on the availability at the time. If they have the pouches, your bracelet will come with one, if they don't have them, yours won't. It's not a hard and fast rule with the stores.
  8. Wall St
  9. brussels: no pouch
    only box with tissue
  10. I bought my Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Singapore last August - it is K stamped. It came with an orange box and a brown drawstring pouch.
  11. ^ Bought mine in Singapore too but no pouch.
  12. bought two kelly double tour bracelets last year (in Switzerland). the first (white, bought in April) has a J stamp. It came in a very little orange box with white tissue paper. The second double tour (dark brown, bought around June (?)) has a K stamp and came in a bigger orange box with a great brown drawstring pouch. Same store :yes:
  13. I bought mine Oct.07 in the South of France.
    It came with two boxes.
    The outer is made of the usual cardbord, and has a lid.
    The inner box is much sturdier; tapping it, it sounds as if it is made of (ply?)wood.
    The bottom is a non removable cushion, where the bracelet sits on. No lid.
    I suppose they couldn't find a lid, and therefor put it into the other box.

    I think they often just rummage and see what they can find that fits.
    I recently bought a Gavroche ring and they only wrapped it in tissue paper, instead of putting it into a proper scarf ring box with a mould.
    (After complaining I've been promised the right box on my next visit)
  14. I got mine at Hermes Ginza and it didn't come with a pouch, just a tiny box with white lining paper.
  15. Thanks for helping u guys!

    Mai Tai, I really like the box you got!!! :nuts: