did your ferragamo varina flats stretch out?

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  1. I own a pair of the black patent leather varina flats...unfortunately that day i was too lazy to try on the other size, so i settled for the size 7, when in most brands i wear a 7.5. They def. feel a bit tight, almost uncomfortably snug...if I wear it enough, will it stretch out at least half a size????

    TIA :smile: :flowers:
  2. no one? :sad:
  3. I have vara flats that stretch out quite a bit (from AA to my normal B size) but they're not patent..
    I think patent is a little harder to stretch because of the treatment they use on the leather.

    Sorry I can't help you out!
  4. In my experience, patent does not stretch very much at all. I had a pair of Ferragamo patent flats (not Varinas) that just never broke in, no matter how much I wore them, they were still stiff. If you're in doubt, bring them back for the next size up. It's easier to stick footpetals in the heels if they do stretch to make them snugger than to deal with painful, pinching shoes.