Did your body remember pregnancy?

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  1. I am 9 weeks into my second pregnancy and feel like I have been pregnant forever, physically. I already have a belly (bloated??) that sometimes looks like i am 5 months. it is not the food because I am feeling sick 24/7.

    during my first pregnancy it took ages to show that i am pregnant but I feel like this time my body just fell right back into it??? don't know if that even makes sense? everybody promised me morning sickness would get better - ehm ehm, no, it is worse, more like 24/7 sickness. and i already have heartburn and food intolerances now that during the first time I got 5 to 6 months into it???

    anybody else similar experiences?
  2. First of all, congrats.:smile: I can't say my body remembers because there were 6 years between my 1st and my 2nd, and 11 between the second and the third, but this time around at least my stretch marks were reused instead of creating new ones,lol. I do know that I notice things more this time, where before I wasn't sure what they were, like Braxton Hicks and the beginning of heartburn-I have learned to quit eating at the first signs it is going to burn. Maybe you just are noticing things more because you know what to expect?
  3. I got pregnant only 10 months after my first was born. My 2nd is now 8 weeks old and looking back it seems as though I've been pregnant for the last three years!!! I think I was in "pregnancy mode" since baby #1 was conceived. Now that baby#2 is born and I feel like I am mentally "done" my body is snapping back in shape. I think a lot of it is in the mind and being into the pregnancy and in touch with your body because if the baby growing inside.
  4. I am due Thurs with my 2nd and will say that I had a totally different experience in many ways with this pregnancy than my last. Now I'm 5 years older and I'm much more active (have been working out pretty much throughout my pregnancy), so I chalk some of the differences up to that, but with this one, I'm not as big all over as I was with my first. Morning sickness however, was worse, as was heartburn, swollen feet and being uncomfortable in general. My friend who had her kids only about 18 months apart said that her pregnancies were totally different as well . . .
  5. i guess in the end each pregnancy is different - but in my case there is no major differences from the outset, except having a toddler to run after now. I am around the same weight, I am at the same activity level and I think what got me was that my body was really fit 4 months after the first pregnancy - and it just feels like all the shape has gone...

    anyway, I'll get over it, probably just mentally preparing for having my body no longer to myself... haha.
  6. My body certainly remembered, especially since I got pregnant for the 2nd time exactly....6 weeks to the day after I had my son!!!!!

    In fact, it was the night of the "6-week checkup"!!!!!

    I got the go-ahead from the doctor, my husband gave me wine....and forget it!! I thought I KNEW my body...when I was ovulating! YEA RIGHT!!!! Boom...pregnant again! We waited 2 months to tell anyone because we were so embarrassed!

    But my body did all the same things except much more faster than the first time.
  7. OMG Traci!!! Wow!!!!! That would scare the @$&% outta me for life. LOL
  8. I think I understand what you are going through... my first pregnancy only started to show when I was 5 month. With this second one, I had more discomfort. My first trimester was a drag and day and night, all I could do was to sleep and pray. Usually in the morning, tummy is flat but usually when its afternoon, I would start to bloat and look like I'm 5/6 months...its all painful gas in the gut. To help, avoid beans, coconut and other gas -producing foods..