Did your belly button pop? If so, when?

  1. I always thought that everyone's bellybutton popped out when pregnant. Mine, however, is remaining steadfastly an innie, at almost 31 weeks. I did a little reading and it apparently also has to do with the position of the baby. Did yours pop out? If so, when did it pop? I'm wondering if mine still might, though it seems like it's usually earlier.
  2. I was one of the lucky ones. My belly button never popped out.
  3. Mine was an innie all through out!!
  4. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 30th week and it's definitely no longer and innie but it's not like an outtie either...can't explain it..it's flat at the surface but if you feel it, it's protruding a little (does that make sense?).
  5. That's a scary thought. My belly button is like a little inward cone. If it tried to pop out it would probably result in my stomach opening up.
  6. No mine stayed in also, thank goodness. I am always fascinated & thankful when I see a popped out one through a pregnant lades T-shirt :smile:
  7. No, mine's still an innie.
  8. I'm also 30 weeks tomorrow and mine hasn't popped either..With my first it also never popped!
  9. OMG... I've never had a baby, but I read this thread with interest! Whenever I see pregnant women with seriously "outie" bellybuttons, I always thought they must be like that already :shame:

    Can I ask a stupid question? Does it actually "pop," like one second it's in and the next "POP" and it's out? Or does it kind of happen gradually?... and does it hurt??
  10. my mom's popped out so much when she had me, THE DOCTOR HAD TROUBLE FINDING IT!!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. nope this is my 3rd pregnancy and still an innie.
  12. I had a deep innie before I was pregnant. And now mine is flat too!
  13. people kept asking if my belly button popped yet? while i was pregnant, but during all the 41 weeks, it never popped, always an innie. it was stretched flat, but never an outtie.
  14. I've always had an innie belly button, but over the last 4 weeks it has gradually risen, but has not fully popped yet, it should be happening within the next couple of weeks though, i'm currently just over 31 weeks :smile:
  15. Never. Not with any of my 4.