Did you treat your Mirage Speedy?

  1. I want to use my Mirage Speedy for the 1st time tomorrow! I am so excited! :yahoo:
    Did you treat your Mirage Speedy before you used her? Thanks!
  2. Nope, the patent leather is practically worry-free. Enjoy the day tomorrow!!!
  3. You don't have too... Take her out, I am sure she wants to get out of that dust bag...
  4. Nooo....don't treat your handles hon. I just read an article in People magazine Style Watch about patent leather. Here's the text from the mag:
    How to Care for Patent Leather:
    • Don't rough it up - Once you scuff it, there is.....no way to repair it, says Justin Joh, owner of NYC's Top Service repair shop.
    • Polish it - After several wears, the surface will begin to dull. Uses a patent leather cleaner (i.e. Esquire Cleaner for Patent Leather @ menshoenet.com).....do not use leather polish; it ruins the luster.
    • Store away from other items - If a patent leather leans against something for too long, it will leave marks.
  5. Nope I didn't treat mine either. Thanks for the info sugarcookie!
  6. ^^^Yer welcome!;)
  7. Thanks for the advice!

  8. Thanks SO much for the info!
  9. No, I dont think it needs treatment of any sort....that's why I bought it....to be worry free!!!
  10. I imagine the Mirage will be one of the most worry free bags to carry...canvas and patent...perfect!
  11. Oops. I saw the title of this thread and thought someone bought their mirage speedy a present. What was I thinking. LOL.
  12. I'm not going to treat mine. Patent is pretty easy to take care of.