Did you start with a First and work your way up?

  1. Or did you dive right into a City? Also, is the Twiggy a style, like the motorcycle, or a line, like the City?
  2. Here is the order I went in....

    First, First, City, City & Part-Time (same transaction), Mini-Bowling.

    That is a larger # then what I have now, because I've sold a few colors that didn't work out for whatever reason.... Now I have my sights set on a Brief or a Day! :graucho:

    As far as your second question goes... I'm not sure I understood?? But the First, Twiggy, & City are all motorcycle styles that are put out in each seasons colors - at the current time...
  3. I started with the first then found that was too small for me so then I got a twiggy, then a city:p
  4. OK, sorry, I am new and still learning - I worded that all wrong. So they are all motorcycle bags, then what is the difference between the Twiggy and the other Bbags? Thank you, I am going to visit NM this week but beforehand I was trying to get a bit of a grasp on things!
  5. Actually I did the opposite! I started with a Day which is pretty big and then a city and then a twiggy and then a first. :p

    I did buy a weekender in there at some point too

    Love BBags :heart:
  6. Not for me, i started off from a bordeaux work bag and increase my collection to black first, black city, indigo first, etc.....hehehehe
  7. No problem! I am fairly new myself... I've spent countless hours on the forum & ateliernaff.com. :shame: I still have questions though, because its hard to tell certain things if you haven't seen them in person.


    Go to this thread and go to the ateliernaff blog... there is a "Motorcycle Style Reference" page that is a God-Send.... It really helped me when trying to compare different styles... You're lucky though - I don't have any stores around me where I can try things in person!! :sad: Being able to try them on will help alot too!

    The Twiggy is a bit longer and has a depth to it... so its more a E/W roll style bag... Check out DebSmith's thread, she has some fab pics wearing some Twiggys... ;) http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/my-blue-decision-yall-helped-me-make-120084.html
  8. Cheekers, first of all, welcome to the world of Bbags! :yahoo: Secondly, I've not owned a First at all. The first Bbag I purchased was a Sapin Twiggy, and have since acquired and sold other Bbags since then. You'll see what I currently have on my .sig file. The Twiggy is a style within the Motorcycle line of Bbags. Do make sure to visit the Bbag family's bible http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/ to learn anything and everything there is to know about Balenciaga handbags. The site is owned and maintained by our very own Louisey Peasey. :yes:

    Good luck with your visit to NM, and post pics of your Bbag, whichever style it is you decide to purchase...
  9. i started w/ the first, then in order the twiggy, the day, the box, the city, and the purse. :smile:
  10. i started with a city and bought two more i loved the style so much ! :heart: but then i got a weekender and fell head over heels with bigger sizes:heart: ...bigger size - more gorgeousness heheh ! :graucho: now i have a work on the way to me and i just cant wait ! :yahoo:
  11. I started with a Twiggy and then got a City after that.

    I'm glad I did, as I found the Twiggy to be a "normal" sized bag to my standards... so it was perfect.
  12. I started with a purse. I liked it, but didn't love it. I ordered it from Aloha Rag and had never seen a Balenciaga bag in person before aquiring that one. After the purse I became addicted to the city. After I got my first city I knew that it was the bag for me. I have since sold the purse, owned and sold a day, tried a twiggy on in the store and didn't love it for me. . . I am a city girl all the way!
  13. I started with a City ... I have four now and only one First and one Twiggy on the way!
    Personally, I would not buy another First as it is just too small for me, but it is nice for casual going out
  14. I started with the City. I really think tht it's classic and suits for everyday use. After the city, i go for First/Day/Part Time/Twiggy/Purse and Box. I'm now thinking abt adding the Work to my collection.:graucho:
  15. I started out with a city.. then first and then twiggy...Now I want either a day or weekender...