Did you Sienna before Jude and Factory Girl?

  1. Here are some pics of 17 Year old Sienna Miller.

    Sienna (then aged 17) practises her latest yoga pose

    Sienna stares provocatively into the camera

    Fresh faced: Sienna before hitting the big time
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    Long before she hit the headlines as a style icon, girlfriend of famous men and sometime movie star, Sienna Miller was an unknown starlet dreaming of hitting the big time, as these stunning pictures reveal.

    Taken when the 'Factory Girl' star was only 17, they show Sienna pracising her latest yoga poses and puffing provocatively on a cigarette, as she stares seductively into the camera. While her star potential shines through even as a teenager, some of her sartorial choices are a little dubious, such as the PVC red top.

    However that was then, and in the intervening eight years Sienna's individual sense of style has often gained her more attention than her film roles.

    At the time of the photo shoot, Sienna reportedly declared 'I'll be famous'.

    Looking at these pictures, that was never in doubt.

  6. Now you know what alcohol and smoking does to your skin!
  7. 17? So this was, what, 4 years ago? I've never really thought she was an amazing beauty. There are lots of prettier girls in the general population!
  8. She looks almost the same!
  9. 25 and she already has such apparent crow's feet??
  10. ^^^^ I've just noticed that. She's still pretty though.
  11. I think she's a pretty girl.
  12. I think she is really pretty.
  13. She's just okay I think....not super beautiful but a little more than average.

    She's got major signs of premature aging though!!
  14. I have never understood what "it" is about her.
  15. ITA! i think she is somewhat pretty... definitely above average, but i never understood the fuss over her. there are so many stunning celebs out there, that really stand out compared to Sienna. IMO, she looks older than 17 in those pics.