Did you send me PMs?

  1. To members who sent me PMs,

    I have trouble accessing my Private Messages today, therefore, I can't read/respond to any messages until the problem is fixed. My PM box is 92% full too, it might not be able to accept messages soon.

    I will be in touch soon. =)
  2. bag.lover, i sent you two more regarding the two marc by marc jacobs bags, the lila tote and chalked stripe faridah. let me know if you don't receive them. thanks!
  3. ^ I received e-mail nofications whenever a PM arrives, I have to log onto tPF to read the message(s).

    I wrote you back when I got your very 1st message, did you get my one & only reply?

    I couldn't access my Private Messages ever since, I can't wait to read all my PMs. I will respond to messages as soon as I can read them.
  4. yes! i did get your one reply, if you have time i was wondering if you could give Saks a call about the lila? i'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping it's still there! i PMed jen and she said that she doesnt have the style numbers with her at school, but she'll give them to me when she goes home next weekend. she said she got her lila the lila tote spring resort '06 and the denim chalk satchel is from spring/summer '06 (i'm looking for it in the faridah though). thanks bag.lover for being so helpful in assisting me. much appreciated!
  5. I sent you a PM too bag.lover! I was wondering if the quilted bowler on sale at NM.com and BG.com was patent or non-patent. You had posted that it was non-patent, but I wanted to make sure with you because it looks a bit shiny in the pics...

  6. Sharbear - non-patent Bowler is Ivory, patent Bowler is Chalk. =)

  7. Will check on Lila for you. Will get back to you on the other bag too.

  8. I sent you a PM! A long one! I haven't been on the forum and two days. I pop on thinking I'm gonna have a PM from you and not one was from you. Hope you get it fixed soon.
  9. E, it's fixed today. Will write you back. =)
  10. bag.lover...i sent you a few..sorry for all of the messages..im glad it is fixed now :yes: