Did you send me a Chanel dust-bag?

  1. This is so inexcusable!

    A few months back, I posted that I was missing a Chanel dustbag. A PFer offered to send me one, and did! At the time, I was in the middle of moving half-way across the country, and the package, along with name and address, was thrown out or misplaced. I never sent a thank-you card or a small gift as a token of my appreciation.

    So thank you to the person who was thoughtful enough to drive out to the post-office, send me a dustbag, and never expected anything in return. I still remember you! Please PM me if you're the gal I'm looking for.

  2. Awe what a sweet gesture!
  3. AWww so sweet!!
  4. I love tPF.
    There are so many wonderful and kind people here. :love:
  5. What a great family tPF is! Wasn't me but what a great gal/guy to do that! :tup:

    Hope you find who it is IntlSet!
  6. How nice!!! :smile:
  7. Awwww...so sweet!
  8. Awesome tPFer. My hat is off for you.
  9. How nice of that person!
  10. That was very sweet!
  11. Aw shucks it was me.


    But really nice of whoever did!!
  12. How thoughtful!!! I wish you luck in finding her!!!
  13. aww Annie, how nice! :biggrin:

    Wish I could say it was I, but it wasn't.
  14. awww, that was very sweet of whoever it was! There have been a couple of PFers on here that did sweet things like that for me and didnt want anything in return. So I try and do the same for others when I can on here.
  15. Thats really sweet!!