Did you see this on Ebay..

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  1. 6862121206

    That is the auction number.

    the odd factors:
    1 - has a 2006 card
    2 - is teal
    3 - has leather messenger strap

    Is this a real balenciaga bag, or is this some weird fake - there are not many fake day/hobo/messenger bags.

    This is not in seller watch because I am more curious if this bag even exists.
  2. I think there is a messenger style like this - I presume its made in all the same colours as the more popular models. MY biggest concern is that the hardware is silver when it looks like the colour is the 2005 pre-spring Teal, which would have had brass hardware.
  3. it is a verry pretty color - but, the b card says 2006 - that is why I thought it was odd.
  4. I saw this too. As soon as I saw the year on the card, I assumed it was a fake.
  5. Yep - it sure is a nice color though.
  6. Yeah, it is....the leather actually looks nice on it too....very strange.
  7. thats pretty good leather if its fake