Did you see this "Dalmation" Birkin

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I don't particularly like the dalmation leather. It kind of looks like the bag has chicken pox/rashes! :hrmm:
  2. I didn't like it much, either...
  3. i don't like it either, i agree with twigz, looks like it has some kind of disease!! lol
  4. I have never seen it in person, maybe it's nice, but it pictures... :hrmm: makes me think of the 80's :cool: fashions for some reason. (the "spray paint on stuff" phase):biggrin:
  5. i'm w/ twigz & diana. it looked great on SATC but personally, i would never want to own one.
  6. Hm ... interesting. Well, if I am a collector of handbags and if I have all the bags I already wanted, then I would snatch that one up ... But since I'm not, I highly doubt I'll want to get that ... More importantly, it would look absolutely awful on me.:Push:
  7. Avandome, I agree that they look nicer in person, although I have only seen one in my life. The other day there was a woman who was carrying an orange dalmatian and it was REALLY cute (surprisingly).

    When I intially saw "Dalmatian" leather in my Hermes pamphlet, for a second, I thought it was some exotic canine leather.. Yeah, I am clueless :noggin:
  8. wow. :shocked: :yucky:
  9. Exotic canine ...that is funny!:lol: :lol: :lol: , can you immagine the uprising all the pet (esp. dog) lovers would have outside hermes, if they ever used canine any thing!:amazed: :roflmfao:
  10. Not a fan....
  11. Not for me...:blink:
  12. :yucky: at first, but it can grow on you. Would include it in a collection but not really use as a "main" bag.
  13. Uh uh.
  14. Elvis lives?
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