Did you see the Valentine's book?????

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  1. Just when I decided to take a LOuis break----the beautiful Valentine's Book comes out making everything-I mean things you never wanted look good. LOL The ladies wallets on the front make me want another one. I also love the Men's Damier hat.

    Have you seen it? comments
  2. I haven't seen it yet...somebody please show me.
  3. Yes, I love the Tambour Fizzy Heart watch with diamonds & it has a Pomme D'Amour strap.
  4. It's Fab!!! :nuts:
  5. I have the V-Day catalogues -- women and men -- full of gorgeous LV's!!
  6. It is such a pretty book! Love it!
  7. My friend got one and I looked through it. Beautiful pictures for sure!

    That red crocodile heart is amazing........will never happen for me though!
  8. I liked the 2 mens belts
  9. Whre cnai see it?
  10. I loved the RF Wilshire, and the gorgeous fine jewelries!

    I think I have thing for Wilshires...:P
    I fell in love with the Pomme Wilshire in the holiday catalogue, and now the V-day catalogue...Haha.
  11. Yup! I loved the mens adjustable organizer in Damier Graphite. It's so versitile and you get so many pieces for the price.
  12. Yep, I saw it yesterday. I want everything, haha! I'm especially interested in the charms on the charm bracelet though, they're so cute.
  13. I was surprised that I didn't see a post about this early. Lots o' goodies in this one!