Did you see the Tan PG Campeggio on Ebay...

  1. going for $400?!? Yo! :wtf:
  2. Wow! $400.00??
    That's crazy!
  3. yup i saw that and someone actually bid on that. 399 for a tan campeggio...yikes!!
    Now that tokidoki is coming to an end, I am sure all tokidoki bags price will be inflated on evilebay.
  4. WOw... !!!!!!!!!!
  5. i saw that, too. i'm not much of a tokidoki collector, so i don't really get it. that's one of my least favorite prints. i'd so much rather spend my money on a foresta or vacanze. seems pretty extreme to me.
  6. yeah but some people were behind getting tokidoki bags. maybe it's something they REALLY want and money doesn't matter. heh i dunno i don't really think it matters what people will pay as long as they're happy. :]