Did you see the Steel Julianne?

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  1. *Not sure if this has been posted yet, if so, mods please delete*

    I just browsed trough the website, and noticed that they have added the julianne in "small" as steel!!! A lot of people were looking for that one in steel, right? Here's alink


    $458. Finally a reasonable price for the steel. The other one was large and a lot more expensive if i remember right. Now I almost like this one more than the sabrina in steel :P
  2. I saw that today! Just what I needed, ANOTHER color that I want in a Julianne...ha...
  3. I saw it to love it! glad they finially made the med.in the color!
  4. I agree; that is a fabulous color and the smaller size is so much better in this bag than the large for me!
  5. does any one know why on coach.com the steel on the large looks so much different then the medium??

    here is the medium:

    & the large:

    anyone seen it at the store yet? which color is it closer to in real life?

    I called around and one of the stores in my area has it already - can't wait to see it tomorrow! :yahoo:
  6. I love that steel colour!

  7. whoops forgot pics - the large is the 1st attachment
    Steel large.jpg steel med.jpg
  8. ^^ i m guessing the color difference is just coach's light at the photoshoot. They propably are pretty much the same color in daylight.

  9. Please post about when you see it or if you purchase please post pics I am intersted in seeing this one. I wonder if my store will get it it doesnt show any stores have it yet? I guess they need to update the stytem.
  10. I officially want a julianne now :drool:

    Can someone please tell me if the interior is fuschia like the steel sabrina?

  11. yes it is :smile:
  12. I ended up getting it. Don't worry, my store wasn't listed as having it either, but when I called they told me they had 3...well 2 now :smile:

    I just started a thread with pictures of it:
  13. Wow, it's gorgeous!
  14. great color
  15. I saw this while on vacation in New Orleans last week and it is absolutely stunning! D*mn it! I'm trying to be good :cursing: *long sigh*