did you see the 07 version of the 06 antik cervo E/W?

  1. i noticed yesterday that PRADA is remaking the E/W antik cervo bags. HOWEVER, the 07 version has that "line" accross the top of the bag (i don't have a pic of it sorry...) - that is, it is cut slightly differently with a horizontal cut accross the top, while the 06 version seemd to have been made with one continuous leather piece.

    what do you think? which do you like better? i am thinking of getting the new version but i am not sure.
  2. hmmm..not sure what u mean...ill have to look next time im at a Prada store
  3. it is exactly like the cocoa E/W antik cervo satchel from fall 2006. but, slight difference in pattern: there is a seam accross the top of the bag. the older version has continuous surface all the way up. so hard to describe..... the "seam" is right above the prada logo...(on the 07 version)
  4. Bagpunk...

    Hiya. I saw it in Prada last weekend. I like the '06 better personally. And ditto goes for the '06 gauffres vs the '07s... it's funny but I'm starting to feel like the first time Prada introduces a design - it is the best of it's kind. And then they take it and try to do something different w/it for the following season and it's just not as couture!

    Just my opinion though.
  5. i agree. i wonder if jill had managed to take a look...