Did you see that ?

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  1. rachel_clark_louisvuitton.jpg

  2. When does that large tote come out and anyone know how much it is???
  3. Thanks for sharing
  4. Is the tote called the Rubis? I like it!
  5. I think the large tote is being realeased on the 15th of this month. There's a smaller version called the neo bucket that retails for 2,200. usd. I seen it at my local boutique and its TDF.(they had one in the back not for sale yet).
  6. Owh I love the large tote but I think it looks better when the vachetta has turned a bit darker.
  7. Rubis rocks! That is hot to the max!
  8. Oh, and who is the model in the pic? Is that from an ad campaign?
  9. Sorry guys, I'm just not feeling that tote, love the speedy thought!
  10. ^I agree...not a fan of the tote, but I love the speedy!
  11. who. knockout!
  12. oh the speedy is HOT!
  13. I'm lovin' the necklace she's wearing in the second pic!
  14. LOVE the speedy
    the tote isnt working for me though
  15. The bags are ok, but I really love the dresses :drool: