Did you run out and buy a bag today?

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  1. Who had to run out with the money and gift cards they received and purchase a bag?
  2. i didn't, but a bag is forthcoming this week!
  3. Augh.. I tried, but I actually didn't buy anything today but pizza. Usually boxing day is a huge deal in Canada, but I managed to hold it all together.. and there wasn't any spectacular deals.. oh I guess except for 10% off Gucci but they didn't have the huge horsebit hobos.
  4. Im on my way out to the malls, wish me luck... LOL!
  5. here in austria stores were closed but i'm maybe i'll get lucky tomorrow!
  6. Stopped by the Coach store and Cole Haan....didn't see anything that moved me.
  7. No bags I want are out there :sad: I'll have to wait until I get my darn waitlist calls :lol:
  8. Yes, I bought a beautiful Bottega Veneta I will post tomorrow when there is some sunlight....probably grey here tomorrow though, yeck!
    Also bought cute Marc Jacobs jacket, neither on sale though:sad:
  9. No, I did not go shopping today...still recovering from a huge Christmas dinner. I probably won't buy another bag until the retailers clear out their old inventory and replace it with some new stuff.
  10. had work today so no shopping for me :suspiciou
  11. nope... saving up for the tan paddy and the dior gaucho and black balenciaga, but you knew that already. haha.
  12. Today was a pretty good shopping day for me...since i decided I did not want the lv speedy because of the monogram, I still really liked the shape. I went into burberry today and found a bag with the same shape that I really liked...so I bought it
    I know its wierd, but I feel like this bag is better quality than the louis, I guess louis bags just dont appeal to me....
  13. No, bf and I went into the mall today to exchange a few shirts he had received that were too big, and it was mayhem. It's a miracle we were only there 30 minutes and got everything done.
  14. I tried to but I didn't even make it into the mall today! It was way too crazy packed! Got caught in the parking lot "traffic" for about an hour so friends and I gave up and left. Well, at least we stepped "foot" onto the mall premise. lol :lol:
  15. I didn't purchase one either. As a matter of fact my body didn't leave the sofa!