Did you run out and buy a bag today?

Augh.. I tried, but I actually didn't buy anything today but pizza. Usually boxing day is a huge deal in Canada, but I managed to hold it all together.. and there wasn't any spectacular deals.. oh I guess except for 10% off Gucci but they didn't have the huge horsebit hobos.
Yes, I bought a beautiful Bottega Veneta I will post tomorrow when there is some sunlight....probably grey here tomorrow though, yeck!
Also bought cute Marc Jacobs jacket, neither on sale though:sad:
No, I did not go shopping today...still recovering from a huge Christmas dinner. I probably won't buy another bag until the retailers clear out their old inventory and replace it with some new stuff.
Today was a pretty good shopping day for me...since i decided I did not want the lv speedy because of the monogram, I still really liked the shape. I went into burberry today and found a bag with the same shape that I really liked...so I bought it
I know its wierd, but I feel like this bag is better quality than the louis, I guess louis bags just dont appeal to me....
No, bf and I went into the mall today to exchange a few shirts he had received that were too big, and it was mayhem. It's a miracle we were only there 30 minutes and got everything done.
I tried to but I didn't even make it into the mall today! It was way too crazy packed! Got caught in the parking lot "traffic" for about an hour so friends and I gave up and left. Well, at least we stepped "foot" onto the mall premise. lol :lol: