Did you rinse your mouth with Peridex after wisdom tooth extraction?

  1. So I got one widsom tooth extracted and I was given antibiotics which I'm taking and a bottle of peridex (which is an anti-bacterial mouthwash) and I want to ask you if you had to rinse with that if you had an extraction. The problem is that it is supposed to stain your teeth and and if it does then that's it for me, I'll have brown teeth forever because I can't use any of the whitening things since I have super sensitive due to enamel erosion so I want to know if it's necessary. Or in the alternative I could rinse with salt water and colloidial silver. What is your experience, was everyone given this peridex stuff?
  2. I used Peroxol (sp?) when I had a cut on the inside of my mouth to keep it from getting infected. I haven't had any issues. I'm assuming staining would be for excessive use, what did your dentist say?
  3. The secretary said that the stain would be superficial and they can buff it out during the cleaning but I don't want to take any chances since I really can't use any of that whitening stuff at all. I'll look into that peroxol and see what I find. Thanks.
  4. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at the beginning of May, and was not given a rinse. I had antibiotics and pain medicine and was told to start rinsing with salt water. I wouldn't want something to stain my teeth either! But salt water seemed to work fine for me, and it feels really good because of the warm water and made my mouth feel VERY clean afterwards. HTH!
  5. ^Thanks for sharing your experience, it did help.
  6. i had 3 teeth extracted. 2 erupted above the gumline and one was still un-erupted. i googled online for post-op instructions and rinsed with salt water. also, a week later, i went back for a routine followup and the doc gave me a fat syringe to squirt water into the cavities where the teeth once were.
  7. i was given a rinse after my extraction, but i dont think it was peridex...i think it was peroxol or whatever it was that another member posted. Tasted gross, but it didnt stain my teeth whatsoever.

    i also rinsed with salt water.
  8. They told me to use salt water and sent me home with this syringe irrigation(?) thing and instructions.
  9. I had two teeth removed. One was a wisdom and the other was one that had a large cavity that broke. I was not given peridex when he did the extraction. But when I went back to have the implant put in for the broken tooth that's when they gave it to me. I only used it for a week and stopped because i saw some early signs of staining.
  10. They gave me this blue antibiotic rinse that made my taste buds shut off! yuck!
  11. I had all 4 of mine taken out at once and rinsed with Peridex since I am so sensitive to the taste of salt water. I was told to rinse with both, but after doing the salt water rinse and throwing up right after it...I just stuck to the Peridex. I did not experience any discoloration
  12. just try salt water for now. if you feel it is getting infected, large amounts of pain, call the dentist and consider the rinse at that point.
  13. Only salt water for me. Yuck, I'm pulling a wisdom tooth out very soon.
  14. thank you all so much for sharing!
  15. i was told not to swish hte water arund in my mouth when i rinsed- i just used regular salt and water. no peridox