Did you recently buy a Gucci bag from Neiman? READ THIS!!!

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  1. Just opened up my new purchase from Neiman Marcus and the Gucci Horsebit Hobo is a FAKE!!! I'm having it sent back, but I found out from a supervisor that on their description of the handbag it says magnetic closure! This is a dead give away for a fake, also the horsebit leather handle is the fake pebble not the smooth leather with cracked lines and finally the screw is poking thru underneath the horsebit. Check you bags very carefully. The vendor that sold Neiman these bags sold them fakes, and you are entitled to your money back plus free shipping. I have purchased other Gucci items from Neiman in the past, and now I'm wondering about them as well!
  2. I HIGHLY doubt neiman would buy frm a vendor that sell fakes. This has happened in other department stores such as bergdorf and saks. It's one of those situtation of which a buyer returns a fake bag after buying the real one, switching it and the SA processing the return probably can't tell btw fakes and real. It does not happen often though, neiman sells only authentic items
  3. I don't understand. Why would MN buy from anyone else other than Gucci?

    I can understand if a silly SA accepted a fake as a return (usually they should ask a senior member of staff for a 2nd opinon and approval)

    but that NM standardly sell dodgy items and risk their rep by buying from a third party - I would need a lot of convincing with evidence from many sources.
  4. The problem here is that when I spoke with the supervisor, she said that in their description of the bag, it says magnetic closure, not just for this bag, but for all the bags sold. The vendor had to have sold them fakes. When you look at the bag, it is clearly a fake. I was told that each bag goes thru quality control, so if all the bags look the same, then no one would know.
  5. I didn't even know that they purchased from a vendor other than Gucci. I don't think I'm the only one to get this fake bag. I paid $675, and on the Gucci last two weeks ago, they had the black one for $920. Why would Neiman sell their bag so much cheaper?
  6. costarica - if this truly happened to me I would be calling the head of NM and contacting Gucci HQ. I would be 100% LIVID!!! :cursing:
  7. I am fuming mad! Again, did they sell several fakes, or is this a one off. I believe more people received fakes and will assume they are real because it came from Neiman. I will take your advise and contact the head. I contacted Gucci, and awaiting a reply. All I was told was that each bag is inspected. I received a swatch inside the bag along with a square piece of styrofoam.
  8. I don't doubt it at all if it can happen at Saks and Bergdorf it can happen at Neimans.
    I have no idea that Nemians purchase from vendors I thought they purchase directly from Gucci.
    Keep us posted.
  9. Hi!
    This are pretty major accusations. . . . did you post pics in our authenticate this thread w/ NM tags still attached?
  10. Is it possible to even buy Gucci's "rejected" bags? Maybe those are bags Gucci made mistakes on, and they're still able to find buyers for them?
  11. Please post your bag in the authentication thread.
  12. That's actually quite normal with many designer bags
  13. Recharging camera battery. Will post pics of bag received with my invoice.
  14. Just posted pics of bag in authenticate this. Please give me your opinion. Thanks in advance.
  15. Wow I was planning to buy a Gucci from Neimans. I know this happened with Gucci at Saks. My mother's best friend is a SA at the Saks in Dallas TX and she was telling us about all these Gucci bags that were found to be fake in their stockroom. In fact, one SA who worked for Gucci there caught a woman trying to bring back a fake, obviously she switched the bags. The SA knew was to look for and immediately called the lady out on it. I think the woman was arrested. Anyway, like someone else said, this can happen when customers switch real bags with fakes but I just can't imagine Neiman's buying from a different vendor other than Gucci themselves. However, I could be wrong. Keep us posted please!
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