Did you read this book: It's in the Bag: What Purses Reveal---And Conceal?

  1. Here is a book review and in it the woman writes about settling for a fake Vuitton since she was waitlisted for the real thing, but never got called! I haven't read the book: It's in the Bag: What Purses Reveal---And Conceal, but it seems interesting.

    Here is an excerpt:

    "...but in the end, to my shame, I was not able to make my peace with its second-class status. After a few outings, it was relegated to a high shelf, where it rested with authentic bags of seasons past..."

    The full review is here: http://www.powells.com/review/2007_05_01.html
  2. My curiosity has definitely been piqued! I would like to read it or hear from anyone else who has read it!
  3. Sounds interesting - I haven't seen it here.
  4. oooh I bought and read this book last year - in one night! It's really good and I totally recommend it to anyone interested. It tells a lot about the history and psychology of handbags and what it says about the person carrying it. A lot of stuff about Freud. But very interesting!
  5. I think i would like to read the book.But it sounds a little too mellow dramatic,i mean,to write about this?It happens to a lot of people,but its not book material.
    But maybe she wrote because she really had a lot to say.
  6. I think im gonna read it too then.Im gonna go at Chapters tommorow then.
  7. Sounds interesting! I'd read it!!
  8. That sounds fun to read! Thanks!
  9. Ooh thank you for posting this, I'm going on vacation soon and looking for interesting reads:tup:
  10. Thank you for posting this --- I've read the review. Very interesting! I ordered it from my library so I can read it. Can't wait!
  11. Thanks for posting! It seems kinda interesting.
  12. Aw I love the cover with the Birkin! Doesn't sound too melodramatic to me, but loving_couture: if you read it, let me know if it's worth buying? The cover alone makes me want to get it but I'm unsure...Sounds like an interesting, fun read!
  13. Sounds like a really good read! Very interesting.. thanks for posting :smile:
  14. Thanks Kimalee for giving us your comments, I am getting it too...sounds like a fun easy read.
  15. Thanks for the review. I love a good easy read. Going to look for it next time I go to the bookstore.