Did you purchase several bags and plan to return?

  1. Are you planning to return any of the bags you purchased during PCE? I bought several...need to think over which ones I really want and plan to return a few within a week. I Ihave a huge mirror in my living room that I will use while I model the bags and decide...Am I nuts or did anyone else do this?

    The ones I need to decide on are:

    Legacy suede brown signature shoulder bag
    Legacy chocolate signature shoulder bag (fabric)
    Legacy Whiskey Shoulder bag
    Gigi in Camel

    I've got some decisions to make but oh, how I would love to keep them all...
  2. I'm thinking about buying an ergo and the black sig/gunmetal stripe tote so i can see which one i like more and want to keep without standing in the store with all those other distractions!!
  3. No, not this time. But I have done it before so i'm pretty nuts too. ;) I can usually narrow down to 2 bags and then spend over an hour at the store trying to decide and asking peoples opinions and then end up buying both bringing them home and sleeping on it.

    BTW, the Gigi and legacy shoulder in the leather and such beautiful bags! Good luck with your decision!
  4. Gigi comes in Camel?! All of the leather Gigi's were out today at my store, so I couldn't get the whiskey that I went for. Instead I came home with an Ali in Camel...which I'm really not sure about I just didn't want to leave empty-handed. You should post pics of yours, and let us help you decide!...also because I want to see Gigi in camel:smile: hehe
  5. I actually bought two bags a wristlet and a scarf just prior to getting my PCE card so I returned them and bought new items when the discount was on...
    I bought 3 bags during PCE and 2 accessories. I may return the two accessories and get something from the bleeker collection when it is in stores on Monday

  6. Did you order the gigi? You still have today to decide. I know how much you love that bag! Would also love to see the Ali in Camel....
  7. I've returned a bag or two during past PCEs but am trying to think harder about my choices ahead of time since it's such a hassle. Good luck on your decision.
  8. I ordered it so I am waiting for it to come in next week. My SA had her book out on the gigi page when I noticed it came in camel and the order went through...we'll see next week. I would definitely ask your sa about it though if you love the gigi and the camel color!
  9. I grabbed a Legacy sig swingpack because I knew they were sold out online and getting low everywhere else. I was surprised to see one at the store still. I wasn't for sure I wanted it but grabbed it just in case. She's staying!
  10. I bought the medium sig carly and love it, I bought my mom for x-mas the legacy sig brown shoulder bag. I :heart: that one more (I think) Their are both so beautiful. I was going to buy the medium ergo in plum bought but I didn't. I thought I would regret it, but I"m glad I didn't.
  11. No, I didn't order her :crybaby: I really want to see a leather Gigi in person before I commit. The sig one was okay, but I wasn't in love with it. And after i get all my stuff, laptop, etc, I think it will be so heavy. Although the SA did say that she would phone around to a few different stores to see if any of them had any left in any leather. I don't think I would get the PCE if I did end up getting her, though. And I'm going to keep my Ali, I have been falling in looooove with every minute that I have her...I might have to get one in Whiskey now too! eek! Although, I think she might actually be a Legacy slim flap, (the newer version of the Ali), not the original Ali. The SA said she was the Ali, but I don't think she is the real Ali....I'll post pics soon.
  12. Yes, definitely post pics because I'd love to see it . What is the style number? I think 10327 is the slim flap model. I have the whiskey ali and it is one of my all time favorite bags!
  13. The style number is 11134. The shoulder flap, I guess. I'll upload pics soon!...just have to find my connection cord.:p
  14. I wish I bought the legacy framed french purse during PCE because I went to exchange my defected Carly today for the Legacy Sig shoulder bag and they gave me the discount but wouldn't give it to me for the wallet. :censor: I guess I'll just wait till next PCE (december) to get the wallet to match!
  15. Lucky girl. I would have gotten one of these but everyone was sold out. I missed one by about 3 days. That's as close as I got... :sad: