Did you pay full retail price for a Black Veneta?

  1. Where did you all get your Large size Veneta? I’ve been lusting for a large Veneta since I started to read this forum. I was wondering where you all got your Veneta bag. From retail boutique, from discount on-line shop, or get a second handed from eBay?
  2. I purchased my ebano large veneta during the last Saks f&f for 20% off. If you have it shipped from a Saks in a different state w/Saks charge card there is no tax as well. I believe there may be another f&f during the fall :tup:
  3. Brilliant idea! thanks for the tip.
  4. Regularly check Bluefly - once in awhile, they have the large and often the medium.
  5. Got mine from a BV shop in Venice earlier this year when I was there for work. :tup:

    No regrets on paying full retail cos it'll always remind me of the trip!
  6. Yup, about half of m BV items are from Saks and half from bluefly (sadly I can see no difference at all!)

    My large black veneta is one that came from saks. I have no regrets though. It's a bag that rarely comes on bluefly (unless you like the marquise style with the cutouts). So I just went for it.