did you notice....

  1. in the pic on the coach website of the "legacy" boutique - to the right on the shelves, those look like 2006 satchel's and one looks to be in a pink maybe? am i craze, you can tell they are not the new legacy satchels because it looks like they have the flap closure...

  2. No you're not crazy, I think I noticed it as well. I think I read somewhere they were going to hold some of their 2006 legacy for the new boutiques, so that would make sense.
  3. there was a pink legacy satchel released in japan and i remember seeing it on eBay... it was like a rose color

    i think also they designed the store when the old legacy was out.... this store was in talks since early this year or last year! i remember!! i really wanted to go!!
  4. That was my guess that they did the drawings when the 2006 merchandise was still in stores. The model is holding an ali also.