Did you know!!!

  1. I called bal ny today and got on the list for the brief which comes out mid-Dec. What I didn`t realize and thought I would pass this on is when they put you on list they take your credit card information and automatically charge and send bag out when it comes in. I thought this over and decided I didn`t want to do this as I might not like or change my mind. So thought I would pass this on. Also they donnot do returns, only exchanges.
  2. Oh wow, thanks for the heads up.
    December is much earlier than we thought they'd release the new styles.
  3. Yeah I knew that. Thats the case with most waitlists. They do that at my Chloe store too and I found out the hard way a few months ago when I was on waitlist for several items and they automatically charged them all to my amex card! OH NO YOU DIDNT! I was furious that they did that when I hadnt even SEEN what the bags looked like. They credited me immediately. I didnt put myself on the waitlist for any 2007 bags. I think there will be plenty of them for everyone. I want to see the colors first.
  4. Wow! That's a good little nugget of info to know! I'm surprised they do it that way. Do they disclose this when they put you on the waitlist? If not, I don't think their practice of charging/shipping right away/charging you a restock fee on return would be legally enforceable if challenged! Nothing about "waitlist" suggests a commitment to which attaches a restock penalty if you change your mind.
  5. You can ask BalNY to call you BEFORE charging anything to your card. They will not charge you automatically if you specifically ask them not to. Joseph (SA) kindly did this for me. :smile:
  6. My Mom and I told them to NOT charge anything without approval. I think if you tell them not to, they can't.:yes:
  7. I asked an SA about this, and she said it was sort of determined on a case by case basis ... so develop a relationship with the SA and make sure that you are both on the same page about what is going to happen when the bag comes in. I think the "official" policy is still the auto-charge-credit-card-when-bag-comes-in ... so ya gotta work that SA relationship. ;)
  8. I just put my name at Bal NY on the list for a city bag with Sara (sarah?):hrmm: and she did not even take down my credit card info--she said I have 24 hours from when I am notified to return their call if I want to purchase the bag and let them know. Otherwise, it goes to the next person. So, I guess it depends on what SA u get? the only exchange policy does make me a bit wary about purchasing from them, though it can't be too diff to find one to replace with when it comes to these b-bags!:love:
  9. :idea: I'd like to see these mercurial policy changes (depending on the day, the tides, the SA, the NYSE, the moon phase, etc...) posted in the boutique and in writing for the customer to see so the customer knows exactly what they are and can make an informed decision whether or not they will agree to them and proceed with their purchase.