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  1. that HSN shopping network provides their sister companies your home address, so you get flooded with catalogues? I personally am shocked and tired of all the junk mail. I called one catalogue to be taken off the list. I asked how they got our name, was told that it could have been through HSN which they are affiiliated with? The reason for my rant is we have to pay for recycling and garbage. So, we are paying to have them send us this garbage:mad:

    I am disturbed that HSN doesn't release this info when purchasing from them, are they not obligated to do so? Thanks for reading.:smile:

    Wanted to add that their way of taking complaints is over snail mail in which they may or may not get back to you. Makes you wonder.
  2. Charities do that, too.

    They'll say on the coupon: "To make things easier, charities will share people's names and addresses with each other. If you don't want that, check this box."
  3. TONS of companies share your info with affilliates. Where do you think most of your junk mail comes from?? It's because they are an affilliate of some company you once interacted with or they paid for your name from a company that sells your info.