Did you know...???

  1. that Ann's Fabulous Finds http://www.annsfabulousfinds.com/ has a "Balenciaga Wishlist?" Anyone who is interested can contact them through their website to be added to the wishlist - those on the wishlist will receive an email notification of any new Bal items that the store receives before they are posted to their website. I just found this out tonight when I emailed them about a particular bag that I'm searching for and thought I should pass it on!!
  2. Fabulous to know, thank you!! Real Deal Collection offers the same:flowers:
  3. Thanks, BellaShoes!! I just contacted the Real Deal website to let them know that I would be interested in receiving notification!!
  4. thanks for the info! but i think it's bad news for my bank account. i'm about to kick the bal addiction already...
  5. Thanks for that, CoutureObsessed!
  6. How can you get notifications from realdealcollection? Do you have to ask for it using "contact us" ? I'm already a member and I get emails when there is a sale, but not when they get new bags...
  7. When I contacted Real Deal yesterday I did use the "Contact Us" section. In the comments section I mentioned that I had heard recently through a member of The Purse Forum that they offered to send email notification of any new Bal items and that I would love to receive notification and provided my email addresses. Corey from Real Deal emailed back that since they get new items in nearly every day that they don't send out messages every time new items arrive but that they could set me up with a wish list and let me know when styles and/or colors come in that I am looking for. I let her know what I am looking for right now, and now I just have to try to be patient!!
  8. Wow Couture~ thanks for the info! That could be bad for my wallet!!