Did you know your proposal was coming?

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  1. Or was it a complete surprise? :nuts:
  2. I totally knew it was coming, because we had talked about it. I mean, after all, I wasn't going to leave Holland for nothing!! I had already been to the states twice for him, so it had better be serious for me to come back...especially since I preferred living in Europe. :smile: But My little sweet angel chihuahua baby was a complete surprise when I got here!!
  3. i knew it was going to happen, but didn't realize it would happen so soon. i was expecting a holiday proposal and got one in the spring! :nuts:

    all my friends and family knew though. suprise suprise. i was actually really impressed that they were able to keep it from me. heheh.
  4. it was no suprise at all. i'm not a romantic person, and we've been living together for 5 years, we're basically married.
  5. I knew it was coming because I was the one who proposed :lol: . I figured I'd be waiting around forever if I left it up to him.

    The conversation went something like this (we had already discussed marriage previously so this wasn't totally out of the blue - we'd been together for about 4 years at that point and were living together)...

    Me: "So, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?"
    Him: "Yes".
    Me: "Okay, so will you marry me?"
    Him: "Sure".

    Him (a couple of days later): "So, do you, like, want a ring or something?"
    Me: "Damn right" (and then I went and chose a wedding set).

    We're deeply romantic, as you can tell :rolleyes: .
  6. I new the moment I laid eyes on him. I told my co-worker at the time, cuz he was my boss. That man is looking for a wife and he is going to ask me to marry him, naturally she thought that I was crazy. I could tell by the way he looked at me, he still looks at me the same way. 13 days from the time that I met him we were married. We married and then we went and stayed in the Gallaria in Dallas and he bought my wedding ring at Tiffany's. World wind. Married 6 years and still together and in love. Would I advise people to marry that quickly of course not, but praying about it made my decision for me. I just new that it was right. Marriage is not easy, but it can be worth it, if you are both willing to make it work. :love: :love: :love:
  7. We had been living together at that point for 5 years and always talked about getting hitched. But he wanted it to be a romantic proposal so he had to plan it - I just was never sure exactly when or how - just knew it was coming.
  8. Kinda. We talked about our future and that we wanted to be together and stuff like that so he asked me if I want to get married to him someday and I said yes. He still wants to get me a diamond ring though. I have a ruby one right now.
  9. One of my good friends knew exactly when it was coming -- right after her comprehensive Ph.D. exams when she went on a weekend trip to New England with her SO. She knew b/c she basically told him when she wanted him to do it, lol.

    I would rather be at least a little surprised, but this girl is super organized and liked to carefully plan everything.
  10. I love your story, it's so cute. :love:
  11. ^^^Thanks, Vuittongirl!
  12. Can you ladies tell I have REALLY got marriage on the brain?! lol
  13. Yes!! All these threads about SO's and marraige are getting a bit depressing for me, lol. But it's fun to live vicariously through everybody elses romantic stories:girlsigh:
  14. I knew we were going to get engaged but I just had a feeling that he was going to ask me that night at dinner. He was just acting different and so was my room-mate.
  15. Annie, your questions have definitely got a specific theme as of late! LOL!

    Well, I *kind of* knew.
    He had said he'd never want to go ring shopping, that he thought it should be partly something HE picks out. But we did sit down and I did draw somethings I was interested in. I had always metioned I wanted a Princess cut so that if he never asked at least he's get that part right! LOL!
    The night he proposed. . . I never saw that coming.
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