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  1. I just got an email from paypal...

    [FONT=Arial, verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Buying and selling on eBay made even safer[/FONT]

    Starting in late April, eBay will now ask all sellers to offer PayPal on their listings. This means that even more items on eBay will offer buyer protection.

    This is one of many new initiatives that eBay and PayPal are doing to make it much more difficult for bad sellers to operate on eBay. As a result, you'll notice a dramatic improvement in quality when buying on eBay.

    I didnt know this....maybe they are trying to win back all the buyers who have given up on them...:woohoo:
  2. Again, EVERY change so far has been pro-buyer.

    I think it's ridiculous to force someone to use PayPal. I'm not saying that because I'm anti-PayPal (I'm not, I use it, have never had my own problems with it), I'm saying that because it creates a monopoly in the trading environment with eBay owning PayPal.

    Please oh please let there be a class action lawsuit coming up soon...
  3. I don't understand it. What changes for the seller that already offers paypal?
  4. Yes SLL, it stinks of monopoly. It will make it difficult for bad sellers to operate...but not impossible..
  5. At the moment a seller doesnt have to offer paypal as an accepted payment method.
  6. oops I posted that before you edited. Sorry. Nothing changes
  7. I agree, forcing sellers to use PayPal just means more income for eBay and PayPal. I think that PayPal is a good idea in the sense that it gives buyers a piece of mind and provides sellers protection to some extent, but I don't think they should be forcing people to do so. Buyers who don't feel comfortable buying without PayPal can just pass on the auction while sellers who don't want to use PayPal should have the right to do so.

    They definately need more protection for sellers, that's for sure. I mean, they are the ones running the place!
  8. I am so sick of ebay and paypal.
  9. I doubt how this is going to work. There are many very pricey items (e.g. Hermes bags) and sellers only accept bankwire. I think eBay/PayPal is trying to block Google checkout.
  10. Can you imagine the huge increase in revenue stream for Ebay if they made sellers require paypal?

    Must be in order to compensate for losing so many valued sellers. Gotta earn back that buck somehow!

    By the way, I hate how Ebay is double dipping with Ebay seller fees and paypal fees. Good gawd, it's ONE company for fricken sakes!!
  11. Im so tired of paypal and ebay! I cant stand selling now. i dont even sell half of what i use too before the feb changes and will be stopping at the end of april
  12. i hate paypal -

  13. Can you offer Paypal and another payment mode option? If so, you can do something like offer discount or free shipping if paid some other way :P
  14. ^^ I think I did read that on the EBay forum to give incentives for not using Paypal. I don't know how successful it is, though but it maybe be worth a try on an item here or here just to test the waters.

  15. :cursing: ITA!!! This is BS...I don't care that I'm a buyer myself, things are so shifted.