did you know the prices of the new chain is less than the old chain?

  1. in the jumbo size
    the new chain w/ lambskin is $1950
    the new chain w/ caviar is $1850
  2. forgot to mention, prices are going up tomorrow to $2250...there's one on hold for me, if you want one.
  3. thanks!
  4. That was before the increase. Which color are you getting in Caviar?

    Before the increase the price of the old chain jumbo caviar was $1650.
  5. tomorrow, the new chain are going up in price to 2250(caviar)
    i'm boring, i got the black caviar w/ silver chain.
  6. that's interesting...why are the prices going up again? i got on the list for the red in caviar large and I was quoted $1995. so what's going on here? which store did you get at?
  7. large caviar is 1995, it's not going up, nor are the other classic flaps...it's only the ones w' the new chain that are going up to match the current prices of the classic flap w/ the leather/metal chain
  8. actually, I am wait listed for the large with the new chain. which is also before the price increase. that's why I am a bit confused here.
  9. then i'm confused, cuz the jumbo caviar w/ the new chain was at 1850 and going up to 2250...where are you wait listed on? i believe Saks always had it w/ the new price, neiman, however, initially had it in the old price, but effective tomorrow they are all going up
  10. I just got the black caviar with the silver chain last week :yes: and I LOVE it!!! My mom got the black with the gold chain and tan with the gold chain...my sis got the white with silver chain. The Saks in NY doesnt charge tax :yahoo: .
  11. oh whoa, i didn't know it came with so many variations, most definitely didn't know it came in gold chain...how much ddi u pay for them? and we're referring to the "new" all metal chain right?
  12. thanks for clearing that up. guess saks knew that by the time it comes in it will be priced at the new price.
  13. Yikes. All of the stores start tomorrow?
  14. I wanted one, but Neimans quoted me the 2395 price for the new silver chain and jumbo lambskin leather :sad:
  15. no, it was 1950 for the jumbo lamskin. but now it will probably be going up to 2395