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  1. When you call a boutique in your area. You are actually calling 1866-Vuitton. Now it makes sense why if ask for a specific SA to return you call, which they hardly ever do. It's because your message is misplaced or lost by 1866.:shrugs: Hope I'm not the only one not in the know. Are there others out there that knew they were not calling their neighborhood boutique?:confused1:

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  2. Everytime I call my boutique I ALWAYS get the store directly. And I call my SA quite a lot, so I know that's not true here in Dallas. Maybe my store is behind the times a little and eventually your statement will be true here.:shrugs:
  3. unless you have the direct store number. if an sa gives you their card it should have the store's direct number on it. otherwise, yes you get 866 vuitton
  4. Oh, I see!
  5. When I call one of the three boutiques near me, I ALWAYS get the store directly too. I usually speak to specific SAs and they know the specific inventory of the store. It's interesting that you can't reach your store directly. My bank does that (it's annoying) but I can directly reach LV.
  6. but aren't the direct numbers just in the phone book? :confused1: Those are the numbers that I've called and I've always been able to reach them. I've never even looked at the numbers on the personal cards. If I want to reach a particular SA, I just ask for them.
  7. I mainly call my boutique's direct number, but sometimes like to call the 866 numbers because I like to hear the LV music when I'm on hold. :jammin:

    Someone should make that into a ringtone... that would be HOT!!!
  8. :lol:
  9. I tried to call my local boutique once and was connected to 866 instead. I was told that the boutique was busy and no one was available to take my call so it was routed to 866 instead. I have since called the boutique directly with no problem so that excuse sounds plausible.
  10. lol. :jammin: :jammin: :jammin:
  11. i think sometimes if they don't answer it gets kicked back to 866 vuitton too. it's like they act as an answering service, kwim?
  12. Depends on the size of the store, too. Even with the direct line, Valley Fair almost always gets kicked to 866...you just have to ask for your SA.
  13. Well... This is what 1866-Vuitton told me when I was calling direct Boston, Texas, and San Francisco. Unless you have your SA's cellphone or direct number. The direct store number on their business cards are directly linked to 866-Vuitton who actually picks up the the calls as the answering service for the boutiques.
  14. I always get the direct line to my store because I ask to speak to a certain person (i.e. my SA) and sometimes I'm already talking to them :yes:
  15. Same here. I always call our local boutique and always connect directly to our SA. I've never been redirected to the 1-866 #.:yes: