Did you know that...

  1. ...your user name can actually have spaces in it? I bet many of you didn't realize it when signing up. ;)

    If you want a space entered in your nickname, PM me.
  2. Huh?
  3. ^^^^ I think he means this (livin luxuriously Lila) instead of livinluxuriously_Lila. I think...:biggrin::hrmm:
  4. oooooooooh! THANKS!
  5. Ooooo...I'm gonna be Love Them All from now on. LOL
  6. That's really cool. I have to confess that I didn't really put much time into choosing my name and profile at the time I signed up b/c I didn't realize how much I would grow to love the forum! I figured I would just post a couple of questions. Now I'm addicted and love coming here:smile:
  7. Been there, done that.