Did you know that this color existed????

  1. [​IMG]
    I found this while I was doing a search. I absolutely love the color. Later this morning I'm going to call and see if it's available yet. I'll keep you posted in case anyone is interested.

  2. That's gorgeous!!
  3. No idea! That is the perfect red bag that every girl should have. I am one of those girl...want my red Coach!!!!!!!
  4. I had no idea. That's a pretty shade of red.
  5. Nice!
  6. it might be the geranium one that was made for fashion week in hawaii. that's what it looks like. it was a limited edition one that was out several months ago. where did you find it?
  7. ^Yes, court, you are right. That was the bag exclusive to Hawaii. I saw one on eBay a few months ago.
  8. that's what I thought. Did you see that one that had the backwards buckle on it that got fixed during the listing, someone got it for a steal!! it was like under 600 bucks

    Its such a gorgeous bag, if I ever see another on eBay, its mine
  9. love that bag.. wow.. so it was only in hawaii?
  10. it was made for a fashion week event in hawaii. they probably made less than 500 of them

    its gorgeous though, there was one on ebay that had tons of pics, it was awesome
  11. I have one of those in my "collection". I think I paid about $800 for it a few months back - on ebay.
  12. WOW!! That color is just SO darn GORGEOUS!! :drool: :drool:
  13. I cant see anything :sad:
  14. very very cool. does yours have any sort of limited edition thing on the creed? like how many were made? I'm just curious about it
  15. I found it on a website after I did a search. It was called fabsugar.com.