Did you know Jessica Simpson has a song about her Louis Vuitton????

  1. I just read Jessica Simpson has a song called Bottom of my Louis (Vuitton)
    I haven't heard it yet, but I think it is really funny she has this song!
    Or is it only a ringtone?????
  2. OH REALLY ? that's hilarious, but not all that surprising, she does love the Vuitton. :graucho:
  3. I think it is just a ringtone...
    I wanna have that, when I get called, because I always search my phone on the bottom of my lv!!!
  4. there is a ring tone like that..,
    her phone starts ringing and you hear her say , my phone my phone where is my phone, i cant find anything in the bottom of my louis..
  5. if you pm me i will send it to you via email.
  6. are you serious? too funny
  7. that's too funny :roflmfao:
  8. I want it! But unfortunatly I have no idea how to put it on my phone.
  9. I just PM-ed you! Thank you!!!!!
  10. I think its just a ring tone.

    I love Jessica!! :smile:
  11. Email has been sent. Enjoy!
  12. I just heard it, it is so funny!. Now I only have to put it on my mobile.
    I think it is hilarious when it goes off when I am searching for it in my louis!!!
  13. can you send it to me too Bag Fetish! I'll pm you now!
  14. lol
  15. Thanks BagFetish! i gotta wait till I get home to hear it. haha..I can't wait!