did you hear...Victoria Beckham is coming out with her own assesory line!!!

  1. i read this somewhere last night, VB has a deal to make her own high-end assesory line...

    Below is the link to the story I found on another TPF thread...

    Fashion queen Victoria wins deal to keep Hollywood pals well-heeled
    Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley
    WE could never accuse Victoria Beckham of lazing around with her perfectly pedicured feet up.

    While husband David has been sorting out his £125million move to LA Galaxy, she has been busy finalising a megabucks deal of her own - to produce a range of top-notch accessories.

    Mum-of-three Victoria, 32, will put her name to a range of suitably Posh shoes and handbags that will be sold in exclusive boutiques across America, such as LA's Kitson.

    The US deal - for a separate collection of glamorous day and evening totes - is worth £5million.

    That is on top of the millions raked in by her best-selling range of denims and her sunglasses lines.

    A well-placed source says: "Victoria's a real stickler for detail so everything will be perfect. Her shoes will be as sexy as Christian Louboutin's - there's a huge buzz about them over here."

    Victoria, who already designs a hit range of bags in Tokyo with Samantha Thavasa, celebrated the new deal by taking her good friend Katie Holmes for a slap-up dinner at LA's The Ivy on Tuesday night......
  2. not a fans of her, her husband or her style...
  3. I like the fact that she actually wears what she designs, unlike other celebs. She is always photographed in her own jeans and sunnies. I am curious to see her like of bags, etc.
  4. i actualluy have a pair of her jeans and they make my backside look spot on! I dont know if i would carry around a purse by her though... bit cheesy?
  5. if the stuff is nice - why not???

    I am not a fan either but since her make-over she is a loooot more classy - and she does have a nice Hermes collection....

    can I ask - is she a big deal in the States? I am used to it from UK but didn't know they are thaaaat big???
  6. lara, with beckham coming to LA and signing such a mega deal they are getting bigger by the minute. I dont think they will ever be as big as the UK but near enough.
    I am originally from England but now live in NYC so know what you mean about the hysteria about them back home!
  7. personally wouldnt be rushing to buy one
  8. I like the jeans she did so I am awaiting her accessory line.
  9. I did and I think, at least in the UK, she will suffer negatively from it being associated with her - apparently, according to my Burberry mole, when their designer in chief was photographed leaving Sheekeys with her, the company was furious because it was deemed a 'downmarket' association. I also heard from same friend that at London Fashion week, a v. famous designer was overheard saying in response to learning that VB was wearing one of his designs "Oh no, how can we stop her" . . .I think her identification with any brand gets a decidedly mixed reception.
  10. I am dreading having the Beckhams in LA. We already have our share of tasteless, uncultured, famous for no good reason people in California, we do not need to take on those from other nations. Honestly, I would not buy VB accessories any sooner than I would wear Paris Hilton perfume.
  11. Lol, actually,funny story, but the first time I visited London, someone was talking about David Beckham, and my response was "Oh, isn't he that guy who married one of those Spice Girls? What does he do?"
  12. She's fabulous.
    I've seen her line with ST, and am very impressed!!
  13. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!!!
  14. It would be interesting to see what her accesories look like...
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: well, I think tables have turned.....