Did you have this when you were a kid?

  1. No.

    My Little Pony?
  2. Yes

    A boy who always tried to KISS you??
  3. No.

    Always had your hair in pigtails?
  4. Lol. No

    Kids getting sick and yacking in class?
  5. No.

    Collect trading cards?

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  6. No

    A mean teacher?
  7. Yes.

    Beautiful thicker hair?
  8. No.

    thicker eyebrows?
  9. Yes

    Smaller frame?
  10. Yes, I was very skinny.

    Had a basketball hoop in their back yard?
  11. No

    Had a plastic swimming pool?
  12. yes

    Had a little sand box?
  13. No

    Played in the rain?
  14. Yes.

  15. Yep.

    Piggy bank?