Did you have a nice day today?


May 16, 2006
Everybody have a nice day today?

What did you do?? :smile:

Today was a very nice day for me. Bart has been very busy lately with his business, and now things are finally getting calmer. He came home (my house - he's more at my place than his!) last night, crawled into bed with me and told me he had a surprise for me, but wouldn't tell me until the morning. So...naturally I couldn't sleep...but anyway.

B received a very large order yesterday from Siemens for surgical needles. This is very good for his business, since it's the first major company that has placed an order from him...It was the largest order that he has ever received! Anyway :smile: If you guys aren't really sure what I'm talking about, B opened up his own business last year and is slowly becoming more well known in Germany. He works with different medical-equipment companies, and sells their products to different hospitals, corporations and praxis' across the world...He's gone quite a lot, but things are finally starting to look like he can hire some more people to help him out.

So...other than that, today was pretty slow. B and my mom made Salmon this afternoon and my Oma (who lives nextdoor, lol) came over to eat lunch with us. No salmon for me, so I just had noodles and the sauce that they made with it.

This evening was a Christmas-Concert in our local church, which was very very nice. The Father invited all children and pregnant women to come to the front to receive a special blessing - so that was kind of awkward for me :smile: I haven't announced it to very many people yet (I'm a bigger girl, and you can only tell a little bit from the outside) but I guess it's out now, lol. The Father read a special section from the Bible and a poem and then sprinkled us all with Holy Water. I'm not a very religious person, but it was nice.

....After that, they served Gluhwein (warm spiced-wine) and Lebkuchen outside. I had the alcohol free version, with 3 Lebkuchen's...Was hungry! Now we are home, and getting ready to unwind and watch some TV (It's 8:25 pm here). Tomorrow we will be going to Nuremberg to do some Christmas shopping.

Everybody else have a nice day?


Mar 9, 2006
Glad you had a nice day lamiastella! i spent the day cleaning the house, but you can't really tell, it kind of still looks the same. And I got the rest of my Christmas shopping dne, which is a relief.


Aug 21, 2006
Glad you all had nice days. I haven't done much today, kinda of lazy day! I had my house cleaned for Christmas and it smells so NICE and I'm off work for 2 weeks for the holiday!!!! I'm going to a Christmas thing at a church tonight with my parents because my dh is working:sad:
And tomorrows outlook looks even better today, I might get to go to LV!!! :yahoo:

Congratulations lamiastella!!!!!


Jan 27, 2006
Glad you had a good day ^_^

I had a crazy day, but it was good too :smile: I was at work trying to get our pre-school children ready for their nativity on Wednesday!!! I have a feeling it's going to be chaos if today was anything to go by. We now have four wise men, and we're just hoping that Mary doesn't drop the baby Jesus like she did last year :P (luckily it's just a doll)


Jul 17, 2006

Got quite a bit done at work today cos it wasn't as crazy as things had been the whole of last week.

Rainy day, so cabbed it home after work to chill on tPF whilst waiting for the bf to call (he's been away for a week, and will be back in another week :sad: ), which was great after a crazy hectic last week.

The bf just called, and had a lovely convo (shudder to think of his phone bill when he gets back! :P), so gonna head off to bed now with the cool post rain breeze!