Did you guys watch 20/20

  1. Tonight was the interview with Steve Irwin's wife, I am watching it right now since I am on the West Coast, let me tell ou it is soo sad! She starts crying when they talk about when they first met! I think it was so sweet! This is so sad, I feel like crying too. It's barely 10:25, so another 35 more minutes still.
  2. I didn't see it, I forgot to watch it.:hysteric: I saw the previews and it did look very sad, my heart goes out to her poor children. :crybaby:...soo heartbreaking.
  3. Yes, it was sad! Towards the end I thought was the saddest! I cried a little! But it was a very good interview!
  4. it was SO difficult to watch. They were truly in love, a true romance. Hearing her weeping while saying "I lost my Prince, I lost my Prince!!!" was too much :sad:
  5. I absolutely bawled watching this....my heart goes out to his family.
  6. I was watching Project Runway last night, but during breaks, flipped to ABC to watch. It was really heartwrenching to see Teri going through this. My heart goes out to her family.
  7. i didn't get to watch it.. oh, i know i would have cried as well.. thanks for sharing..
  8. I tivoed it and watched it this morning. It broke my heart. It made me love my husband even more. Im so sad for her and her family.:crybaby:
  9. I honestly could not even begin to imagine her grief.. I took her words to heart when she said I lost my Prince. ..:crybaby:
  10. I watched it, and it was so touching to see the way they loved eachother so much...my heart is breaking for her.
  11. I watched it, but it was so painful to watch. I had to change the channel a few times.
  12. I feel so sorry for the little boy, he will probably only remember his dad from watching him in films.
  13. It was heartwrenching to see her...I was bawling like a baby..I realized that the love like that between those 2 people is not that common....
    They are soulmates...