Did you guys vote?

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    I just saw the E news rewind.
    They introduced the Tribute - the most expensive bag
    and how to spot a fake.

    We can also vote for "Who makes your favorite designer bags?" on line.

    I just voted for LV, definitely!!!:love:
  2. Of course!! LV all the way!
  3. LV all the way, baby!
  4. Hahaha. My friend called me when she saw that on TV.
  5. yesss! LV
  6. I just voted too! LV in the lead!
  7. Lol I just voted too.
  8. LV! yay!
  9. Just voted! LV!
  10. Yay ... just voted ... for LV! :yahoo:
  11. Voted for ... LV of course :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. Voted for LV:graucho: LV is winning:wlae: