Did you guys see?

  1. Omgsh!
    I went to LV official website to see the new S/S shoes ( I was unable to see them, there was only F/W ones..where could I find them?) and got to see,

    Mahina XL in Denim!!

    I think I just had a stroke, I almost fell on the ground holding my neck. :nuts:
    It's just absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!

    I wasn't a big fan of denim line until the black ones came out, but this XL in blue denim is just a beauty!!:heart:

  2. I Saw The Both The Black Denim And Blue Denim Mahina Last Week. I Really Like The Black One But My Friend Is Getting It So I Will Have To Work On Getting The Leather.
  3. O.K. so where are the pics! I NEED to see it! I recently got the neo cabby MM in black and I love it, a mahina would be fab!
  4. I saw both irl over the weekend on my trip to Vegas ... it didn't call to me as much as the leather. I fell hard for the leather ... so she came home with me.