did you guys see this one?

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  1. Someone on here last week was asking about it, or one like it. I would be so afraid of the white getting filthy!
  2. oh my gosh...it went for 1913 !!!!

    I had no idea this bag was so hard to get (or coveted)
  3. others have gone around that price as well... I dont get it either. I love the bag, but it isnt worth that much for me personally. Knowing myself- I'd spill coffee on it the first day!
  4. Is it just because Lindsay Lohan has it?????? I remember when she wore a lilac 04 and the prices of those on ebay shot up sky high...that girl can sell a handbag!
  5. i think nicole ritchie has one too... and nicky hilton
  6. Woah that's a lot of money! LOL. It's gorgeous though... =)