Did you guys see the new MBMJ sunglasses, cheap!!

  1. Hey!

    Sorry if this has already been posted..
    But the Marc by Marc Jacobs line just came out with sunglasses for $90!

    I think a couple of them are actually very cute..
    enjoy, and happy new year!!:yahoo:

    MARC by Marc Jacobs Shop by Designer - Neiman Marcus Online
  2. Those are cute! And so reasonably priced - I'm going to have to go try them on in person.
  3. thats a really good deal - do they ship international?
  4. I have a pair from the Marc Jacobs line. They are tortoise shell, amber brown lenses with the Marc Jacob buckles in gold on the temples. I LOVE THEM! Much like his bags, they are the heaviest pair of sunglasses in my (growing) collection. I'd be curious to feel the weight of the MbyMJ. Wonder if the MbyMJ line is made in Italy as well?
  5. I have got this new thing about Sunnies....since I have about 20 pairs now that I'm trying to get rid of. The dark lenses must not show my eyeballs. If they do, I don't want them. What's the point of dark lenses if you're going to be seen anyway?

    The glasses are cute, but I don't want to see their eyeballs....maybe it's the flash? :shrugs:
  6. I know what you mean! I hate sunglasses that show peoples eyes.. I havta wear the dark lens ones..
  7. ^^I agree, I hate sunglasses that don't actually block the sun.

    Thanks for posting, those are really cute!
  8. Those prices are fab! I might go out and get myself a pair... too bad Saks doesn't have them listed, yet.... would be nice to use the 10% discount and use my GC card. Even if BG had them listed it would save on tax... I'm always trying to bargain shop!
  9. I'm not a huge fan of the fact that the logo is so obvious on some of them.
  10. Man I swear I'm sooo sunglasses obsessed. I have a huge collection. I freaked when I saw those Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Can't believe how cheap they are! I have 2 pairs of Marc Jacobs sunglasses already but I couldn't help but buy a pair. So happy I have sunglasses that match my MJ purse cuz it has all on those letters on it too!
    DSC05051.JPG DSC05038.JPG
  11. I love the plastic aviators
  12. I've seen those sunnies few weeks ago. totally adorable, although I agree with elongreach when it comes to dark lenses. any suggestions for sunnies with dark lenses?