Did you guys see the new items on tokidoki.it?

  1. Ok maybe I havent been there a while, so this is probably not new news to some of you. But I saw the newest watch on eBay, its adorable!! And did you guys see the decks? the last one? OMG...its so cute!! I need to start collecting decks. haha
  2. :x my sister bought the inferno, baby killer, sushi, and pirate skatedecks all in the same sitting T-T; it came out to be like 300 something lol.

    anyways if you decide to buy them there are these fantastic floating wall thingys to hang them up on that cost about 10 bucks each. its really great for displaying i think :smile: the guy she bought them from even said tokidoki contacted him about carrying his display trinkets in their stores o_o! ill try to take a pic of her wall sometime~
  3. Shipping from that site is 30 just for one deck! She should have just ordered from JapanLA.
  4. Do you know where she got the floating things to mount with? I have a deck & still haven't figured out how to mount it

  5. really? where is this person or store that has the floating wall thingy for sale?
    you have to share it with us, haha...i want to hang them all!! tks
  6. Wow! Guess I won't be buying a skate deck from that site. :wtf:
  7. no... shipping was 9.95 for 3 of them :huh:; there store is in Los Angeles, and I live in Irvine

    the skateboard displays were from Sk8ology. you can purchase them here:

    as you can see the hang quite beautifully :smile: looks like they are floating and there arent any ugly hooks or whatever popping out from the sides
  8. That's odd. When I went to checkout to see how much s+h they charged, it said $30 for me, and I live in San Diego.:shrugs:
  9. weird o.o i have no clue. we definitely wouldnt pay 30 bucks to ahve it shipped... rather drive 45 mins and go get them lol