Did you guys notice . . .?

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  2. yes and i totally agree.....i come here to get away from the drama of my life and i certainly don't want to see any arising here.....i love the forum because the majority of the ladies here are kind, caring, wonderful people (like the poster above me :P)
  3. i agree with the new rules.
    The less drama the more happy we are.
  4. back atcha!:love:
  5. The thing is curtism . . . I mean curtis, is that they're NOT new.
  6. Thanks for the support everyone- we want to keep the site friendly!
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: Don't you mean Christina?

    :shame: <--- Just for the heck of it!
  8. and...Thanks to all the mods for all their work..we appreciate it!
  9. LOL!

    thanks Jill!
  10. Thank you Jill :love:
  11. Thank you!!!!! :nuts: :love:

    Megs' post was great, I hope it reminds everyone that this is a great online community. We should keep it that way :biggrin:
  12. My post must have been intimidating because no one wanted to respond...

    I swear I'm just a big teddy bear :love:
  13. {{{you sure are Megs!}}}}
  14. I agree. Life in general brings a wealth of drama and stress, this lovely little forum is nice, and slightly escapist in nature. :smile:

    that's part of the reason I've stuck around and liked it so much, I only registered to ask a quick question about a bag! :smile:
  15. Thank you guys for moderating, and that's a great reminder. Love you guys!