Did you guys hear . . .

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  1. i heard about it, and good for them! when you own a business, you're responsible for the illegal things that take place in it, and ebay should be held responsible for the illegal sale of counterfeit bags, jewelry, etc. that happens on their site. they could do so much more than they do to stop it, but they're more worried about lining their pockets than protecting consumers and upholding the law.
  2. I agree, I was glued to the TV last night . . . wonder when the other designers will hop on, maybe then eBay can become a safe place for us to shop/peruse again!
  3. i hope all other companies do such a thing.
    in italy this summer a lady had to pay a fine of more than 5000 euros because she had bought a fake bag!!!
  4. Thats good news. They seriously need to crack down on Ioffer.
  5. Yep, I'm very pleased with that. It's similar to the whole New York landlords issue, if you remove the venue, you make it that much harder to actually sell counterfeits which will reduce their sales.
  6. Its about time that these highend companies start fighting back, Ebay has gotten away with this for far to long at the expense of the consumers.
  7. wow! thats great news! :amuse: good on ya tiffanys!
  8. i read that a girl bought a hermès bag paying it 4000 dollars and the bag was fake. she told ebay, and ebay never answered :evil:
    well, obviously she was silly, NO WAY you can find a real hermès on ebay!!
  9. So glad to hear that, sometimes I feel like boycotting ebay because they shouldn't allow counterfeit goods being sold as authentic goods on their website, they are in a way "involved" in the illegal business. But then again how do they actually monitor that? What could they ask for a seller to proof the authenticity? Plus we all love ebay too much or too addicted to it to boycott it. Buyer beware as they always say...just like the memoir/autobiography logic I guess...Buyer Beware.
  10. the only things i buy from ebay are comics and sealed cds and dvds from power sellers.
    i could never buy a bag or shoes or clothes!
  11. That would be awesome if ebay actually only allowed authentic items! it would make me want to shop on it.
  12. They need to be monitored, maybe they need a team that has to approve certain auctions before going live{?}
  13. A lot of companies have people who spend all day trolling Ebay for counterfeit items. Chanel is particularly stringent about this. I listed a tweed skirt as "Chanel-Inspired" and had it pulled!

    Too bad Louis Vuitton doesn't. I remember reading a comment of Marc Jacobs, something like he doesn't mind fakes, he thinks its flattering!
  14. Kate Spade trolls a lot too, but there's still SO many!