did you guys get insurance for your digital cameras?

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  1. Is the insurance worth it? I'm not sure what kind of damage the insurance would cover. Do they all cover around the same problems??
  2. I haven't bought a new camera in a while, but I'm just going to go with my platinum credit card's insurance, which is good for a year and so's the manufactuerers. The credit card covers the camera being stolen and the manufacturers defects, so I figure that's good enough.

    If you think you might break a camera beyond a year, I'd buy from some place like Best Buy and get the extended warranty. That way, if you drop it accidently or the such, you don't have to worry about having a problem getting it repaired/replaced.
  3. lol, well, as a Best Buy employee (albeit in appliances) i'll give you a little info on the service plans.

    the warranty that comes with the camera will usually only cover manufacturing defects within a year. while that's nice, things like the LCD screen on the back usually go bad after a year (anything with an LCD screen is asking for trouble, really, says the girl watching an LCD tv...) just because of the type of technology they are. the service plan covers things like normal wear and tear, and dust, heat and humidity damage, so when the LCD goes bad, we'll replace it (in my experience, the part itself is so expensive that it's usually not cost-effective to replace it and you end up buying a new camera. on the appliances in my department with LCD controls, a small replacement screen is usually around $300).

    service plans for cameras last 4 years and are priced based on the price of the camera. Just as an example, i checked the price on bestbuy.com for a $500 digital camera, and it was $80, which seems pretty reasonable to me. to get someone like ritz camera to fix it once would certainly be over $80.

    another little perk is the no lemon policy - if we fix it three times, on the fourth time, even if we can fix it again, you get a new one of your choice with comprable features (or you can upgrade and pay the difference).

    no one at best buy is on commission, so ask the SA that you talk to for more details - i'm sure he or she will be more familiar with the quirks of the service plans that are specific to cameras.

    and just so i'm clear, i'm not at work right now, i wouldn't recommend it if i didn't really think it was a good idea. i've seen a lot of people get new stuff through their service plans when they would have been stuck with the expense of replacing the old ones.
  4. I bought my camera from HSN and I believe I bought an extended warranty for it.
  5. my camera comes w/ 1 year warranty. feel not necessary to buy extra insurance though
  6. Are you getting just a point & shoot digital camera? Then I wouldn't. If you're getting a high end digital camera, then I would. For something in the $500 and underprice range I don't really think the extended warranty is worth it because by the time it breaks I'll probably want a new one with the new features anyway!