Did you go?


Dec 17, 2006
I was wondering how many of you guys are going to or will go to grad school? I didn't, because I wanted to get a job before going but now feel like I don't need to go. A friend of mine is wondering whter to go or not because this spring is her last semester in college. Pros and cons?
I'm in grad school. By the time I graduated college I was sick of school. So I worked for 3 years. Then it seemed that the right further education + experience to date was the next step to a better career, so off to grad school I went.
^^^Yeah, my parents offered to pay for grad school, they did my university, but the price was too high for me to let them. I can afford it now with my job, but don't really feel the need to go now. I also, feel sometimes people are made to go to colleges or grad school thinking "I'll make so much money." When the reality seems to be the starting incomes in most felds aren't as high as the colleges state. Then, if you have loans or anything like that from the school(s), you end up making even less.
I went to Grad school and finished up this year.

I think it really depends on what your field/major/speciality is in. If your career advances with higher education then most definitely keep studying...but if you have a career or future that doesn't necessarily gain much from a Masters degree then...save your time, money and hurry up and work to build job experience.

Just IMHO :P
I did, but unfortunately I don't use the degree at all. My undergrad was elementary ed, masters in early childhood education, and I work completely out of the field! Oh well. I should have planned better.
I haven't started yet, but I will be required to go. In the state of Ohio ALL teachers must have a master's degree to help ensure that they are highly qualified teachers. In our state we have 10 years to get it once we get our first teaching certificate.

I'm currently shopping around for a grad school to go to online. I don't have time to go to school full time, so I want to do the online thing so I can still work (I'm a substitute teacher right now) and earn my degree.
I waited, and I will be starting this spring.

If I went into the program I first thought about attending after I graduated, I don't think I would've been happy. I've also watched my friends who went straight into programs, and most of them are either dragging it out because they're so burned out from not having a break from school or they made their decision too rashly and are now working in completely different fields where their MA is irrelevent.

A lot of programs now strongly recommend work experience before entering, and I really do think that it allows the student to gain more from the experience because you see how what you're learning is applicable. Or you know what sort of program you need to be in to enhance your career because of your experiences working.
after i graduate next semester i need a break!! im 25 and have NEVER had a break from school so i hope to work and if i need to go back fine, if i dont need to, thats fine too.
I was certain I was going to grad school after I graduated from college, but I didn't. I waited 6 years before I actually took the plunge and decided that I wanted my Masters. I took my first class this fall semester and did a lot better than I expected. I think that it is a little harder now than it might have been if I had gone earlier, but I wasn't motivated to go earlier...so maybe now its a good thing I am. I figure it's never to late to go back to school!:yes:
I worked F/T for a year before going to law school. It was a nice break from all the schoolings but I couldn't wait to go back to school because I was getting paid $hitty! :yucky: It'll be beneficial if you have some work experience but I know some grad schools don't require you to have work experiences.