Did you glow?

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  1. I always hear about this elusive pregnancy glow. All I see when I look in the mirror are zits which remind me of my high school days and bags under my eyes from being so tired/sleep deprived.
    Did you "glow"? If so, when? I know it has something to do w/ hormones making your skill all glowy or something...
  2. I know for a fact that I wasn't glowing at all throughout my pregnancy. I had the worst (HG and all), but I was definitely glowing after giving birth...It was amazing, my face was very clear/smooth (I never had any problems with zits to begin with) but this was different smooth, somewhat rosey.
  3. I broke out like crazy during the end of my pregnancy, I was miserable looking! So I guess I didn't have that glow lol.
  4. Yeah I heard that during pregnancy, you produce a lot of oils on your face which makes you break out. Try a natural exfoliant instead of an acne medication, and some kind of oil free moisturizer. That should do it!
    I don't know if I've been glowing..I just look normal to me.
  5. Yeah sure I glowed. My face was so greasy and pimply with my second pregnancy that you could've fried chicken on it. Blech.
  6. I dunno....but my skin did shine from allt he extra oil it was producing!! :smile:
  7. Everyone told me I glowed with both pregnancies. I think it was all in my attitude. I was very happy and thankful to be pregnant and I just loved being pregnant so I know the glow or aura as some people put it came from within.

    Now I have the mommy of two younger than two look. Not quite as flattering. lol
  8. Nope. I was too busy barfing (HG) to glow! :wtf:
    Since then, though, with my dear son in my life, my work colleagues and friends all comment on how much I light up and glow whenever I talk about my son, so it all evens out in the long run!
  9. on my first pregnancy everyone said I was glowing...
    but on the second and the one I have now....
    NO GLOW! LOL! my skin is so uneven have break-outs...
    and sooooo gaining so much weight!
    that I dont think I even look like me anymore! LOL!
  10. Nope...I was too busy throwing up, and then I got the "Mask of Pregnancy" which made me look absolutely awful with brown pigmentation all over my face and neck. A little kid once asked me why I hadn't washed my neck properly!!!
  11. I got that comment a lot when pregnant the first time around (I was feeling super good and so excited to be pregnant plus I was only in my mid twenties which probably made a difference, lol) but this time I know I definitely am not. I look and feel exhausted a majority of the time...someone told me that its because I'm having a boy this time (don't you just love all of the unwarranted advice given to pregnant women by perfect strangers?!) though I don't know how true that is. I'm still not quite thirty...shouldn't I still be capable of "the glow"? LOL...
  12. People told me I glowed, but I didn't see it...I was extremely happy though, once my 6 weeks of constant naseua was over, so maybe that's why I looked all glowy...
  13. People tell me I glow, but I have a feeling they are just saying that to be nice because I truly feel like yuckiness all over. My skin is never better when i'm pregnant...hello teenage acne!
  14. i didn't get that glow look or feeling. i just felt bloated, tired and simply horrible.
  15. Nope, no glow with ds or with this pg. I always feel like I should be enjoying being pregnant more, but, for some reason it doesnt agree with me, I just look tired.