Did you get your PCE thank you note?

  1. I got mine today, so cute!
  2. I got two from two different SA's. I love the thank you notes! They're so cute!
  3. I got one! :love:
  4. I didnt get one!!!!!! WHINE!!! I WANT ONE!!!!
  5. I got one at the last event (Walnut St) but I haven't received one this time (King Of Prussia)
  6. I got one a couple of days ago...I also got the catalog...my SA definitely knows my weakness...:sneaky:
  7. I did- so nice!
  8. I never ge thank you notes....ever. May just be because I only do phone orders, I'm not sure. I've ordered from both King of Prussia and Christiana before. I'll try Walnut St. next time to see if I get one.
  9. I got one a couple days ago...very nice :tup:
  10. I got one from King of Prussia.
  11. I didn't get one. Maybe because I only bought a wristlet and a froggy keyfob this time.
  12. got one within a week of my purchase.. i think last thursday..
  13. I haven't gotten one but I just bought accessories this time. Whenever I've bought a bag in the past I've gotten one.
  14. I always get one when I do phone orders - my SA sends my receipt along with a wonderful thank you note. She is awesome!
  15. I have always recieved a thank you card so far, whether it be from in store or over the phone. It's such a nice gesture!