Did you get rid of your less designer items?

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  1. After owning high luxe brands like, LV, Hermes,Chanel,YSL etc. did you guys get rid of your less designer like MK,Coach,Tory B? is your collection now exclusive to the high ends? If you have gotten rid of them please tell me if you wish you still have them or do you still get attracted and still buy those brands?

    if no please tell me how do you get or find time to use the less designer brands if you already have the luxe? I am asking because. I still do have some pieces of the less designer ones that I do not use but once in a year maybe just because hubby gifted me that and that is the first bag he ever gave me that proves that he listens to what I wanted few years ago but really I only keep it for sentimental value the other ones are just there just because I feel like they were part of my collections but really I haven't touched them in years ever since I got in to LV, Chanel etc.
  2. I sold most of my Coach bags. I kept a few just in case I'm going somewhere, where Coach is more "accepted" than LV. Don't ask....long story. :weird:

    I don't regret getting rid of them and I also no longer buy Coach bags.
  3. When I purchased my luxe brands, I got rid of all other designers (MK, Coach and Tory B). My collection I wouldn't say is exclusive to high end because if I saw a andbag that really grabbed my attention, I would buy it. I feel that way about the MK Hamilton N/S handbag. I simply adore that handbag and purchased one after my luxe purchases. I use the MK more than my luxe handbags.

    If I'm going to a nice event or dinner with the hubby then I carry one of my luxe handbags. I'm not one of those that rotate handbags, I just don't have the time or forethought. I've gotten that way with shoes as well. One can only wear one handbag and pair of shoes at a time. :smile: :smile:

    If I don't use it, then I get rid of it.
  4. I change bags based on my mood, outfit or occasion. I have Coach, LV and Chanel. I use my LV the most but I do use my Coach for work and sometimes to run errands. I love all my bags that I have and if I find I'm not using a certain brand, I sell regardless of brand.
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  5. I have kept my Mk, coach and Tory burch but I don't really reach for them. I no longer buy them just because I feel I would rather save that and buy an LV down the road. But I don't wear my LV everywhere either. Right now I am going on a lot of job interviews so I use a sturdy leather fossil hobo (no logos and looks more professional for interviews) and I use my longchamp for grocery stores.
  6. Yes and no. In the past 5 years I sold many non-luxury items but mainly because they weren't being used and took up space. Mostly Coach, some Burberry, and even a few LV's went out the door. I went from the midwest to a city and space was definitely an issue. Plus the city was trendier and brands were more accepted. My collection is now mostly LV and Longchamp (which is quite affordable). I think that speaks to my lifestyle more than anything - durable and classic items are what get me through the day.

    For example, I let go of 3 of my 5 LV pochettes. 5 was way too many for something that I barely used one of. I kept a non-logo black leather MK bag that is used solely for interviews. I kept my very first coach bag that my toddler now loves.

    When I see Coach bags selling for $400 I think that it's better to just save up some more and go for LV. It's a curse. :lol:
  7. I should have done a +1 before posting! :smile:
  8. I got rid of a lot less designer bags, but kept some. And I have one non-at-all designer bag. There are times and places I don't want to carry expensive bags.
  9. I use to LOVE Brahmin bags. They are very well made and the leather is high quality. When I started building my LV collection, I just couldn't completely part with my Brahmin collection because they are beautiful bags with so many color options. So I gave my entire collection to my mom. She loves my Brahmin bags and I am happy that I know they are being used and appreciated. And... It's nice to know that if I ever want my bags back, I can "borrow " one occasionally from my mom.
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  10. I have never been fond of MK. I have one wristlet I purchased while on vacation because I needed to relieve myself of the big bag I was carrying.

    I haven't bought Coach in over 10 years only because nothing has caught my eye until recently. I am really liking the new "vintage" 1941 line so I my pick up a piece
    Most of my old stuff got passed down to my daughters who still use them

    I've not seen a TB I liked enough to purchase.

    I buy what appeases my eye. I'd keep all I thought I'd use again regardless of designer.

    I have several Fossil bags that I keep in rotation and have no intention on stopping.
  11. All but one Tory Burch and one Coach bag. I did add a couple Longchamp to my collection when I want to be understated.
  12. I have kept the following: a longchamp shopping tote, a gerard darel 24h bag, a repetto tote bag, and a few clutches. I feel that premier designer bags may be appropriate at some places and around some specific people, but not everywhere and not around everyone. Some people would react rude and say something nasty about your lifestyle or the way you spend your money. Also, when I go to fancy places such as clubs, where someone could spill over their drinks at me, I prefer to bring a less expensive bag. Another reason why I still have my older bags is that by switching bags, I do not overuse my high end bags. Even SAs recommend to switch bags on a regular basis, in order to let them rest, and to protect them.
  13. I sold most of my Coach and MK bags when I wanted to fund an expensive bag. It was getting to the point where I was buying because something was a good deal and not because I was going to get a lot of use out of the item. Now my collection is much smaller and consists of items that fit a specific need for me and that I feel are going to last a long time. Plus I hate changing bags so I found I was hardly using any of my bags. Now the second I think about selling an item I know I don't need it so I sell it and don't replace it. I use the money on shoes/jewelry instead which I get MUCH more use out of!
  14. The only non luxe bags I have are the ones dh bought me years ago. I have my old college bags as well. I basically kept only the ones that are sentimental. I don't carry anything contemporary but I do still own some.
  15. Yes. I got rid of all my other bags when I started the love affair with LV. It helped fund some of my LV purchases and I know their buyers are going to get a lot more use out of them than I would have!
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