Did you get preggers...

  1. when you and DH first tried? I'm wondering what the "average" time is. TIA!
  2. We did the FIRST time we tried to get pregnant. We'd been married 6 months, but together 5yrs and it was time. I had dd at 28yrs old, but now we're trying again (tried most of 2007) and this time around it's not happening. I'll be 33yrs old soon, and maybe it's harder because I'm getting a little older, maybe???
  3. Nope, we didn't. With our 1st baby, we were trying for almost 1.5yrs.. I had our 1st born when I turned 27. With our 2nd baby, it took us only a few mos (3-4mos) to get pregnant with our 2nd baby.

    I was not even on the pill with our 1st born.. but it was a little harder to get pregnant for us. I guess because I was working and very stressed at work. So with our 2nd baby, since I am a SAHM, it wasn't as hard as before (plus I was on the pill for almost 2yrs before having our 2nd baby).
  4. Yes. In fact, DH and I are too fertile, if you can believe that. I simply choose the month I wish to deliver, count back 38 weeks, tell DH to "do your thing babe" and I'm pregnant. My ob/gyn informed me after this past pregnancy (I was 43) that I will have to be very very careful as I will be one of those few women who can conceive right up until menapause is complete (no periods for 1 full year).
  5. nope!

    We tried for at least 6 months and did some testing and found I wasn't ovulating every month.
    Got on 50mg of Clomid and conceived my DD first month.
    2nd time we went straight to Clomid but took 7 months. Was on 50mg for the first 6 months and on our final month we went to 100 mg we conceived our twins.
  6. I got pregnant about a week after we married. :smile:
    The second time, it took two months.
    The third time...surprise, surprise, surprise.
  7. Nope. The first time, we tried for over one year. I used ovulation predictor kits a few times but it wasn't happening. We then bought the ClearPlan fertility monitor and on the second month of using the monitor, I got pregnant with my son. I was 26. When he turned 17 months, we decided that we would try again. I used the fertility monitor again and this time got pregnant on the first try at age 28. I delivered my daughter 6 months ago. The monitor actually helped me realize that I am one of those women who ovulate at a different time every month. One month I would ovulate on day 8, another month I would ovulate on day 22. It was completely random and had no pattern whatsoever. My doctor seems to think that this is the reason why I took so long to get pregnant with our first.
  8. I got preggers in about 3 months, which we completely didn't expect. I was 35 (just turned 36 a couple weeks' ago, so have to use "was" now...), had been on the Pill forever, and was one of the only people I know who never had an "oops" somewhere along the line. I figured that it might take a while and we'd probably be headed in for a fertility workup after 6 months. Apparently not.

    I also used the Clearblue easy fertility monitor that biggestbaglover used the month I got pregnant, since my periods were waaaay out of whack from going off the Pill. I do not, however, credit it with my pregnancy. It showed my estrogen surge, but no LH surge to release the egg, so I assumed (based also on input from my doctor) that I didn't ovulate that month. And it turns out that unless my LH surge was like a week later, the thing was probably off anyway. But, it was super-helpful in that at least I knew exactly when my first day of my last period was, though it's not all that relevant when you're having 40-50 day cycles!!
  9. With first baby I was off the pill for a year then started charting. Once I knew my cycle and ovulation days we got pregnant in a month. 2nd baby was quite a surprise (no trying there!!!!).
  10. basically what we was wait until after i was done with my period (it was april 11thish last year) and did "it" for a month straight, and i never got my period after that and late May realized I was pregnant..
  11. #1 baby - unplanned!
    #2 baby - planned with first try!
  12. We weren't trying. We went on vacation to Florida and I forgot my birth control and I got pregnant while we were there. The funny thing is that we had discussed when we wanted to start trying and decided to wait until after our vacation, but I ended up getting preggers on vacation anyway!
  13. I'm 24... wasn't on the pill... and it took 1.5 years for us. Once I finally kinda "gave up hope" it happened!!!! And I've been nothing but smiles since:yahoo:
  14. I just remembered that there was a poll on this in the TTC sub-forum (it's been storming and awful for two days here, so I've been on tPF a lot.) You might want to take a look at it too.
  15. I had no idea how fertile we were until we conceived our son, literally, the DAY my hubby got back from deployment.

    I was on depo for a long time, then switched to the pill, and I assumed it would take a long time for my body to adjust, so I went off the pill two weeks before my hubby came home (we decided to start trying, thinking it would take a while). Turns out the day he came back was the day I ovulated. :p The rest is history.

    I always thought I got pregnant somewhere within the first two weeks of DH getting back, but when I went in for my ultrasound they pinpointed it to that very first day/night. We have to be very careful now.